Teresa Schergaut

Teresa Schergaut was born in Halle/Saale in 1988 and initially studied Literature and Cultural Science in Dresden, followed by an acting course at Filmuniversität Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF. While still a student, she performed at Staatsschauspiel Dresden, Hans Otto Theater Potsdam and HAU in Berlin. She has worked with Robert Gallinowski, Axel Wandtke, Andreas Rehschuh, Thomas Heise and Fabian Gerhardt.

Furthermore, she was involved in film projects by Johannes Naber, Aelrun Goette, Sophia Bösch, Sophie Linnenbaum and Henning Beckhoff.

Since January 2020, she has been a member of the acting company of Volksbühne Berlin, where she has mainly worked with director Lucia Bihler. She plays the part of Salomé in “FINAL FANTASY” (based on Oscar Wilde’s “Salome”) and appears in “IHPHIGENIE. TRAURIG UND GEIL IM TAURERLAND”. For this rewriting of the Iphigeneia-material, Teresa Schergaut was involved in developing the concept and creating the text version.

Teresa will still be a member of Volksbühne Berlin’s acting company for the first part of the 2020/21 season before joining the ensemble of Schauspiel Leipzig in the spring of 2021.