Words don’t come easy

An artists talk with Lina Majdalanie, Rabih Mroué and Julian Hetzel
Both, the works of the artist duo Lina Majdalanie & Rabih Mroué and of Julian Hetzel are characterized by the transformation of political observations into artistic experiences. The current production “Last but not last” by Majdalanie & Mroué is informed by a long phase of research in Poland about the current democratic crisis in order to reflect about more general narratives of our political self-understanding. Julian Hetzel uses the obstacles of political research as a method for identifying the contradictions and blind spots within the political agendas of our times.
In the debate Majdalanie, Mroué and Hetzel examine, how they develop political languages for contemporary performances beyond the affirmation of well accepted and confirmed opinions.

Moderation: Grzegorz Reske (Performing Arts Institute Warschau) und Thomas Frank (Residenz Schauspiel Leipzig)
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In English language