Statement by Ivana Müller / I’M Company on the cancellation of "Forces of Nature"

24/09/2020, Paris

Dear spectators,

With a great regret we have to announce the postponing of the artistic residency and the performing dates of Forces of Nature at the Residenz in Leipzig, due to strenuous traveling and working rules related to Covid -19.

Most of us in the team live in Paris, which is, as you know, in the red zone for quite some time now, and in order to travel to Germany we all (9 of us) needed to be tested and to stay in quarantine upon arrival.

This included a very particular way of working and taking risks of having positive cases in the team that would entrain a number of complex logistics measures, set up by the German health department.

In the situation of growing numbers of positive cases around Europe, and more and more strict rules of travelling, the situation of going to work abroad was very stressful; unfortunately too stressful for some members of our team, and so we collectively decided that it would be wiser to postpone the dates for the next year, hoping that the pandemic will be tamed by then.

This decision was very difficult to make and we are grateful for the understanding and support of the team of Residenz: the performing dates in Leipzig should have been our premiere dates, so symbolically speaking the gravity of this decision is even deeper.

Unfortunately, we are not the only internationally working company experiencing this type of difficulty in these times. In spite of this, we all have to find ways to keep on working and keep on creating, using the resources we have, hoping that we’ll soon be together with you, at Residenz and many other places.

Sincerely yours

Ivana Müller/ I’M Company.