Residenz-Topical Section: Breaking the Spell

Feminist Performance and Practices of Being-With


Stefanie Sargnagel (Wien)
liest aus „Dicht — Aufzeichnungen einer Tagediebin“ / Music Act: Euroteuro
19.03., 19:30, Große Bühne

Ivana Müller (Paris)
The installation is freely accessible on the days of the event.
23.3. – 1.4., Residenz

Silvia Bottiroli | Flore Herman
Silvia Bottiroli (Bologna): „Like a Möbius Strip“
Flore Herman (Brüssel): „Bodies of Knowlege“
24.03., 20:00, Residenz

Caroline Kapp | Lina Majdalanie
Caroline Kapp (München/Bochum): „Halt dich an deiner Toten fest“
Lina Majdalanie (Berlin/Beirut): „Appendice“
26.03., 20:00, Residenz

Stefanie Wenner | Agata Siniarska
Stefanie Wenner (Dresden/Berlin): „Steine gegen Natur. Ein Spaziergang“
Agata Siniarska (Berlin/Warschau): „Stillleben No. 2“
27.03., 18:00, Residenz

Agata Maszkiewicz | Charlotte Eifler
Agata Maszkiewicz (Angoulême/Warschau): „Meeting John“
Charlotte Eifler (Leipzig/Karlsruhe): „Their eyes all wet“
29.03., 20:00, Residenz

Martina Hefter | Samara Hersch
Martina Hefter (Leipzig): „Ghost Writer“
Samara Hersch (Melbourne/Amsterdam): „(Other) Ways of Being Together“
31.03., 20:00, Residenz

Samara Hersch (Melbourne/Amsterdam)
„Body of Knowledge“
08.04., 19:00, Leipzig-Premiere, Residenz
09.04., 16:00 and 19:00
10.04., 19:00
12.04., 19:00
13.04., 19:00

“Breaking the Spell” is an artistic project that reflects ways of being-with in contemporary performing arts. It creates diverse formats of encounters, reflects artistic practices that are deeply political and poetic at the same time and situates them in concrete environments. It thinks of a feminist perspective not as a theme, but as a very logic of work. And it's about embodied knowledge, which is invoked not only in the two (very different) projects titled “Body/Bodies of Knowledge”.

For 10 days, the Residenz is transformed into a container that 10 artists and thinkers from Europe enrich with their knowledge and experiences. On each of five evenings, two artists will present their work in the form of performances, performative lectures, moderated film screenings, conversations and a staged walk. The project is co-curated by Marta Keil (Warsaw/Utrecht) and will be continued at the Münchner Kammerspiele, at the Performing Arts Institute Warsaw and at the Kunstencentrum Vooruit in Ghent.
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Co-curated by Marta Keil (Utrecht/Warsaw), co-produced by Münchner Kammerspiele, Performing Arts Institute Warsaw and Kunctencentrum Vooruit Gent

Funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation. Funded by the Federal Government Commissioner of Culture and Media.

With the kind support of the Institut français and the French Ministry of Culture / DGCA.