The special venue for special formats
One year ago, Schauspiel Leipzig acquired a new stage: Foyer 1. A variable space with a multitude of uses was created in the Garderobenfoyer (Cloakroom Foyer): It can serve as an intimate stage for readings, a concert and party location, a wood-panelled hotel salon and a venue for expert talks and social debate.

Schauspiel Leipzig’s acting company can create their own programme here: In each event of the series “Katze im Sack (Cat in the Bag)”, a brand-new, never-seen stage dream comes true. Readings, both individual and series, complement the programme. The theatre’s emerging artists – assistants and the students of the Schauspielstudio – can put their talents to the test here in scenic projects and studio shows.

Please find the current programme on our website and our monthly programme brochures.