Schauspiel Leipzig’s venue Diskothek is exclusively dedicated to contemporary dramatic writing. It is a space for reflection on our present times, a space for experimenting with new texts and thinking. Works by young authors are premiered here and enjoy sustainable support. Plays worthy of remembering are complemented with new perspectives.

Productions from the Diskothek-venue, which moved into newly constructed premises on Innenstadtring in 2017, have repeatedly been invited to major festivals for contemporary dramatic writing. As many as seven productions from the past ten years were invited to Mülheimer Theatertage for new drama; Wolfram Höll (“Und dann”, 2014 and “Drei sind wir”, 2016) and Thomas Köck (“atlas”, 2019) won the festival’s Mülheim Dramatists’ Award. Beside Höll and Köck, authors Katja Brunner, E.L. Karhu and Marco Damghani are among the writers whose texts have shaped the venue’s profile.

Biannually, “4+1 – ein Treffen junger AutorInnen” invites emerging talents from German-language writing academies and literature degree courses to present new theatre texts, styles and developments.