Diskothek is Schauspiel Leipzig’s venue dedicated exclusively to contemporary drama. Following the new construction of the stage in 2017, this focus of our programmatic work now has a new location on the ground floor of the Schauspielhaus: a black box with variable seating.

As a venue for world premieres, Diskothek is a platform for young dramatists. In this work, we establish long-term relationships with authors and their works: In the interest of a sustained support for authors, Diskothek is also a place for ‘revivals’, where exciting directors develop a second, third or fourth production of new plays. The programme is complemented by new voices in contemporary drama from Europe and the rest of the world.

Dramatists are at the core of Diskothek’s activities: Authors writing for the theatre are included in the production process in a variety of ways, at their own request. We accommodate these different processes of creation with various formats: world premieres, devised plays, commissioned works or a close cooperation between director and author. 

The special boon of sharing the same present with our contemporary authors finds expression in various formats that allow us to join them in conversation beyond the productions of their texts — after-show talks, readings, discursive talks.

Diskothek: A space for reflecting on our present times, a space for experimenting with new writing, a space of opportunities for authors.