The special venue for special formats
Schauspiel Leipzig is expanding: There will once more be a stage for special formats ranging from scenic projects to readings and installations. At Foyer 1, which will move into the Cloakroom Foyer at Schauspielhaus, there will be room for all of this: variable in size, variable in seating, variable in its programming.

Foyer 1 will be the venue for ideas from member of the acting company and Studio Leipzig as well as to projects devised by Schauspiel Leipzig’s assistants.

Studio Leipzig will open the new venue: The nine students of HMT who are currently training as actors at Schauspiel Leipzig, will inaugurate Foyer 1 in the autumn of 2022 with a programme ranging from monodramas to group shows.

There is plenty to look forward to!

Please find the current programme on our website and our monthly programme brochures.